Women do not want to remove body hair anymore

Women do not want to remove body hair anymore

Women do not want to remove body hair anymore

Despite all efforts to follow the body-positive movement, hair on the female body still causes hostility to many people. However, denial of depiction is not a sign of laziness or neglect of personal hygiene. In any case, British woman Laura Jackson thinks that she decided to throw the huts of generally accepted rules and urged other women to do the same..

Over 2000 Instagram users have joined the campaign launched by the girl under the hashtag #januhairy. Women proudly publish their hairy feet and side pictures. Laura herself has claimed that women should not torture herself with the procedures for permanent hair removal. Hair should be left alone and should not be ignored. – Just like men do. To promote their ideas, the girl also went on the stage of the theater. It is said that body hair feels him «Unprecedented liberty».

But Laura is not going to stop there. – He campaigned for charity campaign «Hair movements». True, there was no financial support for independence from independence from diplomacy. – Managed to collect some pounds.

Probably the reason for such a weak reaction was that the idea of ​​a UK student is far from new. Since the late 1980s, women have been struggling with different success with razors and diphilators. In 1978, Punk singer Patti Smith «Burnt» Armpit of hair on the cover of your first album And in 2014, a campaign under similar hashtag #freeyourarmpits was run.

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