Will be mine forever!

Will be mine forever!

Vasili got the necessary admission in the new five-storey building. Thinking of enthusiasm, in the address of the wife, there is fidelity in the wife. The apartment was listed at number 49, and the number 36 was above the porch—50. — All right he went there My traveler flew heavily, — Realized that the apartment is on the top floor, and entered the entrance.

He slowly climbed the stairs. Paused on each site And not because I was suffocating. I tried my best to estimate how his wife is waiting on the fifth floor, how his wife will be attached to his return: For the last two years, he did not respond to his colony’s letters.. — And where did not disappear! What is to be, do not pass, — Tulsi crossed the last flight of stairs in two jumps Fearing to dive in, without leaving each other to think and hesitate, he immediately pressed the bell button at the door with the number 49. The door immediately opened. In front of one, Vasily met Lijaeta, who had made a make-up, very smiling, wearing a silky shiny dress. As soon as he saw his smile, he immediately disappeared from his wife’s face. Pain, gloom shone in a dull gaze. He repetition, turned it back into Vasile, and stepped up against the wall. The hand spread over it — The rings flash at the fingers — Pressing his forehead, tired down, dropped down, dropped down Whispered like delirium: — Oh God! I totally forgot… — what? Did not wait? — Tulsi asked, mouth is drying. — I was waiting… Yes you do not! — Screaming and screamed violently and frightened by anger, tried to keep the eyes at the door while protesting.. — I left your things in an old apartment. On the neighbors… — Everything is clear. Thanks for your française., — Wasali turned and stepped down. — The word Wasalii served for the old lady who accidentally collided with a car. She’s dead. Given six years. Served four. But this was enough to not accept his wife, flatly refused to him, although he wrote carefully in the first two years and even came to date several times. It has come to know that in the last two years, his life has changed a lot, hehliya, and possibly, is actually associated with others or is only going to his fate. Fairly announced: No, Tulsi was not waiting for him today. Not dark But I would have done better than this if I would write him in this zone. Thank God that did not bring children of Godavet. And now I’ll be doubly craving… The town where Wasoli returned, stood on a large river, and its feet brought the farmer to the pier. Sitting on a mug of beer in the buff, Vasily decided to live temporarily with water, freely, come away from the people, get into your senses. In order to properly determine the future of our future, we had to change many things to better understand ourselves. A suitable place was found far away from the city, where the former wife had remained and passed it, basil, a young life in a deaf landing phase. There was no village nearby, but there was a large sandy beach. Tulsi rose early, with sun. From the log cabin on the stern of the landing stage, who served him as a residence. Have a little warm-up. Then he made tea and drank. If there was no air, fishing and fish for future use, fish fishing directly from the landing stage. — Poor restless! Let’s get tired! — To sell vegetables and berries, Vasu was shouted by the women who were brought from the neighboring villages on the motorbot and light-heavy cars to the coast. Stay on the Vasili river for a long time. It was removed from the anchor when it started to sleep irreversibly and became sweet with a hut in a landing stage with a hot and soft grass bed. Wasili remembered his ex-wife: Probably, Ljaveet, being alone, did not fall in love with another, but sold herself for expensive clothes, golden rings, chic apartments in the new house. Vasili climbed to the landing stage Look at work, no, no, yes, and even sensible salespeople who were preparing to meet with buyers. I wanted to see the young girl who woke up, and did not get there. He went into the river and shook off: The young woman went straight to him. There was a bag of pearl cucumber on the back, and a tipped bucket bucket at the turn of the elbows, with each step it was suppressed in the thigh.. «See how runner loads happened!» — Vasili looked at the woman fearing. He turned his face away. He lowered his eyes slightly and saw in his necklace the naked necklace, in the white white droplets, the breasts were loosely hanging. With his openness, gentle insecurity, he hit Vasili’s heart with sweetness and pain. Stunned by what she saw, she began to roam around the place, along with an embarrassed, confused young man said: She shouted at the child’s voice: — What made zenki something, you fool? Better help! He turned around: There was a long rod in the hands of a little girl’s little son in front of him.. «Yes, I surprised your dad», — I almost asked Vasile and looked at the edge of the boat. He was not there. White baron taken by a powerful motor was quickly removed along the banks of the river. «He did not take the child with him. Obviously, the young wife is afraid to leave one», — The boy yelled at the Basil and happily decided: — You are right! Need help! In two jumps, his mother caught, caught the bag’s bent mouth, in which the fingers of a young woman were caught: — Let me help you… He made his face toward him, wondered and delighted: — Well, why?… I will inform myself in some way… She tightened her grip on the bag, pulled her to her and the woman opened her fingers. Basil threw the bag behind his back, barely reached the counters. The satisfied boy urged him back with a stick: — But the horse! But went! — Leave me alone, Sasha! You are ashamed! — Tried to stop her mischief mother. And Wasali was pleased to please the child, it was good to hear the playful voice of a young woman. He threw the sand even more quickly. Fly to the counter far out of breath. — Please here, — Indicated that mistress was replaced by mistress, track by time. Wasil shook the bag from his back, put it on the ground, leaned against the other two, turned and ran away under many thoughts of traders. — Ah yes natalyaska! A prominent young man managed to keep his assistant, — Praised young. — I did not put any magic! He himself! — A woman cried and Vasili Lal turned towards the embarrassed face. — Thanks a lot… — no at all, — Wassily beat and walked. «Natalia name», — Missed for some reason. — Come back to help tomorrow! — The sound of the little boy Sasha blew away. — Sure! How about! — Her head shouted loudly. Riding on the beach, preparing for the arrival of tourists. …He first transported the motor ship to the pier. During Mooring troubles, forgot about Wasili Natalia I have heard how a motorboat is moving on the river and quickly turns its head around. The boat reached the empty spot in haste. «Maybe for her, for Natalia?» — Wasil was worried and he hid his eyes on the driver. Sitting on the motor and walking around on the board, walked near the boat’s bow, Vasili recognized the Nataline farmer and when he passed through it, he went to the other side of the landing stage to see the woman. She was already wandering from the shelves, slowly walking on the sand. In his hands he filled a bucket filled with rolled bags.. «See this. All sold out Know lucky, perhaps, more willing than that beautiful and young. Especially men», — Waseeli thought. — Or maybe out on cheap, do not chase the price. That light now moves. Nothing left to save her. He regretted it. Meanwhile, Natalia was approaching. Chagall still leisurely Deep on the ankle, the bare feet drowned in the sand and running out of sandy waves in front of him, chuckling out.. — Like a girl, heart wanders, — Tulsi praised Youth. — Hey Swan! this is impossible? Tea did not come here, — Her husband’s voice came from the river. And again Wassily’s heart blurred the annoyance: old man got such beauty, They followed Natalia on the boat. I saw my husband in an empty bag in the boat, hurling badly, tucking a bucket while roaring. And he got up Natalia grabbed his son in his arms and turned his eyes on the waist. It seemed to him, even a little bit bye bye bye. Knight Basil fell asleep badly. He rose for sunrise and started cleaning the beach. He was impatiently watching over the river whether the motorboat would be black in the distance. No black was long for a long time. And then they started. He quickly flew on the edge, put his head in soft, washed sand, and Vasili lost interest in them all: one of them was not Natalia. When it came time to meet the ship, he stopped in the cottage to help the sailors. A restless night slept after the full parking of the ship. The conservatives, who had brought their bags and baskets under the hut’s door, awakened them. «Did not hear how «Stepan Razin» rolled off! Well, you give it!» — Vasili surprised himself and opened the door a bit, angry at the women. I wanted to shut down again, but one of the women himself flogged at the door, whispered: Do not harm yourself to anything. He will arrive today With overnight Pyotr Mikhail could not bring him in the morning: his turn to feed the cattle I am from the same village as they are… — You’re talking? — Confused Vasili. — Please do not joke, please. You know yourself. My eyes look at everything, the woman has turned and quickly moved away, mixed with others. Vasili closed the door, sat on a stool in the excitement of shame: — What is it that goes out? It seems as if I am fucking a bitch with a married woman! Enhances crime… Or perhaps Natalia ordered to pass himself? Or just point? The less sun went down, the more frequent Vasily worried the river in anxiety and excitement: it would seem like a cherished boat. And she actually felt, a black dot flew away and in front of her eyes in shape, quickly reached the landing stage.. — Oh, you! But really scratches, — After watching for a minute or two, Vasili trusted his happiness — The mourning and the fury, the cigarette butts ran on the beach, the beach. Then he picked up a broom, a scoop-box and went from the ramp to the landing stage. Natalina Habibi managed to get out of the boat. The first thing he had taken with the hands of his son’s wife was Sasha, he set some steps and set. «Little boy dragged out at night, how afraid of leaving a young wife, — Vasili and worried: — And where are they going to spend the night? Do not I have a landing stage?» See, Natalina’s husband covered Sasha’s feet. — I see. All provided, — Vasili pushed his shoulder into a childster, went backward. Standing behind the cottage there, I heard that Habli screamed at Natalia, knocked on an ax, raised a tent, and whispered: — no problem. Be patient, honey. Now he is winding from here and you will rest from him, you hate… In the end, the engine roared, earning smoothly and the river began to be removed. «So my neighbors showed up. Sorry that one night, — Vasily smiled and left the tent: — Well, hello, honey, dear guest. Make yourself home». He wanted to hear voices very eagerly on the camp. In vain The stitched tent stood rigid and quietly. People have hidden in it. A sudden rustle was heard on the river. Tulsi dropped his eyes in water. The farthest half of the river has become dull as if it is boiling. The beaches were attracted to a light brown screen. He flew over the river with increasing noise, warming down the lower edge of the gray foam. For some time the Vasili stood still. Turning back he looked towards the edge Tents could not be seen behind the rainstorm. «We should see how they are», — Vasili ran into a cottage behind his shoes and a raincoat. Wearing clothes, she ran towards the beach with slippery stairs. The recession here was frantic and smooth. A tent peeps through the jet, falls, falls on its side. Tulsi wandered his eyes and saw, under the near counter, Natalya, cowering and crouching, was covering his son. He rushed to a raccoon to reach him. I saw that the stretch marks of the tents were fast washed and cursed by small streams of water by streams of water: — Old hell! Could not score better! The evil spread in Nataliya, who did not wish to take shelter at the landing stage.. — Have not you got a better place, where is the child to live with? If this is the same for him, at least bother about him! — Weeping, ran away He bowed down, snatched Sasha from beneath Natalia, wrapped him in a raincoat, took him to a landing stage. I looked around the stairs: Natalia ran behind her. There was no dry thread on it. The hem of the dress was filled with moisture sticking to his feet, making it difficult to walk quickly. — Be careful here Slippery Take a short break, — Vasili warned the woman and cautiously started climbing on the ladder. In the cottage itself, lying on a couch under the sasha and quilt. He recently took a knit track suit from Natalia’s suitcase for himself on a motor ship and handed it over to Natalia: — On. Change clothes and lie down with my son. — How are you? — He asked without keeping a tooth on his teeth, and saw the sneaky basil, removed the hair from his forehead. — Ho! Got something to take care of! I have a bulk cabin here! Choose any, — He laughed and caught a padded jacket, went out, locked the door tightly behind him. Awaken from anyone’s steps She headed around her eyes. Wet after the rain, the landing phase was becoming steam, it started drying.. — Good Morning, — He heard a soft, singing voice behind him. Vasali got twisted. Natalia returned from the link, quietly walk barefoot. — Good good. really kind, — Tulsi nodded to a young woman smiling — My name is Vasili, and you are Natasha, therefore? — this much, — He flared and, faced with his eyes, quickly saw a fearsome, trembling look.. — He found Good quick, — Tulsi said. — How you slept in my cabin?? — Thank you very much. Sorry to squeeze, — Natalya lowered his head and went to the hut near Vasili. He looked at his figure, and his heart was like a fist and sweet heart.. — listen! Boil tea? — Shouted after. — it will be good. I have found with raspberry in the tent. Caught Sasha, — Natalia responded. — Then I went to the fire, — Vasili escaped under a smoked kettle, drinking tea and making a noise, to the stairs. Started to fire. He did not ask for so many days. Burned, gave life in a big fire. — Is here… Do not despise. Self baked… — And straightened, saw basil with simple dignity. Husband his confusion? Lucky to accompany like this, — Vasili did not finish, has turned back. What the hell? Natalie snatched her arms in the face of confusion and deposited her arms on her chest. — Well, that, Vasili portrays a beard. He put a fist on his chin, ah, he? — Natalia began to gasp and her eyes became mischievous and lightly. — This, of course, is obvious. How to make a close and dear person happy… He covered his face with his palms and laughed and joking with each other. Vasili was depressed and bitter. I wanted to pinch something, humiliate Natalia. — Well, stop laughing. Tell me what is flattering, why have you gone like this? — He asked rudely. — for which reason? — Natalya took away her palms away from her face, looked at the Vasilis with eyes laughing.. — He has a big house, garden, cow, pig, — Enumerated, pinching fingers, and relaxed, weakly dropped his hands, became a serious face. — Oh, enough about it. Boring. Better tell me about yourself. how did you come here? Why do you live alone? He saw the Vasili with the eyes waiting, with the eyes of the watch.. — Long to tell. Yes why?? — Threw Vasili. — And you summarize. Maybe it’s interesting to me, — Natalya looked down and rubbed on the sand with her big toe. — Then listen… Just wait. First poured, — Wasili swooped on his hunch, removed a sharp kettle from the fire, and started pounding in the circles. He stored the package of wine making and asked: — Nothing at the right in the circles? I really like it. — no problem. More delicious, — Natalya sweetened and sat on the other side of the fire, tightening her neck with the teeth on the neck of the bag. He kept two enchanted mugs together. A white, clean, stuck for Natalia, threw a pinch of tea leaves. In the second, podgorelochernuyu inside and outside dark brown, sypanul semi-pack. — Where’s the flow? Mad? — Natalia was nervous, looking at Vasili with awe and fear. — Prison does not teach it, — Tulsi said with a smile and reached for teapot, there was always a rust in the rusty fire trough and got tired of the rat.. — I left or something? — Natalia’s voice was shattered. — Had to do, — Basil’s face was tough. why? Tell me? — He cleaned up, asked with a kind of childish curiosity and drowning. Is it worth? — That was the hesitation. He put a long eye in Natalia’s eyes. He kept it, did not look far. And Vasili thought, in front of him, the only person on whom you can trust, can tell everything about yourself, without reservation, and by which your deceitful soul is easy. If not for this kind of conversation, then for some other young woman who can sympathize with someone else’s misfortune, regret and consolation, meet on this abandoned ferry. Did not God Himself send it here? — And then listen. That’s why Tea does not leave, — Hands cut through the air. — Wait a minute, let’s sit back, — Natalya jumped, ran away and pulled a snag in the fire. — Sit down It is almost dry. They sat next to each other He looked again in his eyes, was already pity, and began to tell, that he would open the whole soul. Natalia quietly listened, never interrupted, asked nothing. Has given Vasili the opportunity to speak to the end. — Now it is clear how I get here? — He finally asked in a raucous voice. — properly, — Natalia nodded and smiled. — Do not worry too much. Everything is formed. No criminal You will start a new family Our brother, or my sister, is enough everywhere. He was suddenly ashamed and took down his head. He reached for a cup of tea: — It’s time, I think. Decoction It’s time to come and cool down. Sent by mug. — For sure. Drink your torch. And there is a snack. Please do not abhor my cooking. I might have thought when they were baked, — He pushed a bag of cake to facilitate it to take Vasili. Oh well he looked at him in disbelief. That’s all for you! Bagel deer! — He jumped up, climbed his head to the landing stage, threw his sand on his feet. With the first boat, the woman who came with Natalia lived in the same village. While walking through a bag with Vasli on a brawl, he stopped and looked at the edge. I intercepted them on a torn tent and asked: — And where is Natalushka? Did you sleep on the pier? — Well, made a harsh face Vasili. The woman saw the boat, where her husband was faltering with the bag, and she leaned towards Vasali’s ear. Whispered hot: — If you are single then take it. Believe in my things. dont worry. The girl is conscientious, hard working. True, young and inexperienced little boy prigulyala on But who does not happen? Once burnt — But now it behaves as innocent. And there was no one to take care of her in the girls. When Nut was slightly more than ten, then Mother died. Father, of course, started drinking, walking on the side. Natha is all one and one. He did not see Sin has happened to him And then to say, who will not greed on such a beautiful woman? What now, then what about youth — All took the girl. As with the spirit of telling you. Only wish you happiness… — Wait, where are we with this beard… Well, her husband refused? — Dumb whistle got off the road. — This is her, Natasha, Dad. Peter Mihailch Do not you understand anything?? — He was surprised at a woman. — It will be right and said. And then he threw the unknown, — Basil shouted at him, and roamed with joy, ran into the river, with a vivid face. As in shoes and trousers, wandering in water over the knees wandered and started washing. His soul was so good. — So it will be mine forever, — Waseeli thought.

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