Why are men more often bald than women?

Why are men more often bald than women?

Why are men more often bald than women?

Men are more prone to hair fall than women. But the specificity of this problem among the strong half of humanity also makes it less enjoyable. Hair loss can shake self confidence and cause depression too, because bald men sometimes feel less attractive..

Why men often are bald?

In males, hair loss is more noticeable because they are bald compared to women. Permanent baldness affects 70% of men and 40% of women. This is due to the occurrence of androgenic alopecia..

Why are men more often bald than women?

In males, hair grows in the form of a type of letter. «M»: Their loss usually starts in the temples and goes to the depths of the head, which often contains bald stains. This process is called dihydrotestosterone. – A by-product of main male hormone testosterone. Since testosterone is produced in the life of a man, its sub-products are also made in the body. Therefore, women whose testosterone levels are usually several times lower, they are less likely to suffer from this problem. In addition, they usually lose their hair on the whole head, i.e., the hair becomes more scarce. But in men, alopecia affects, as mentioned in specific areas.

Alopecia in young people

Some men start actively losing hair at 20 years of age, at a very young age. Again the hormones have to blame. If testosterone was produced at an increased rate during puberty, then hair follicles are weakened by the effects of dihydrotestosterone in the youth..

Why are men more often bald than women?

Hair fall in women during menopause, because they reduce the amount of estrogen – Female hormones, and testosterone effect on the body becomes more noticeable.

Why not all men are bald?

If all men produce testosterone and its sub-products, why does alopecia affect everyone? It is not due to the amount of hormone produced, as you might think, but the number of receptors in hair follicles that gives the answer to dehydrotestosterone. Some hormones do not lose hair too at high levels. And it usually involves genetically.


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