Two shark women on the coast of Australia

Two shark women on the coast of Australia

Two shark women on the coast of AustraliaShark attacked two women on the coast of Australia

A shark attack on the swimmers was recorded on 10 January Thursday from the coast of Australian Island Hamilton in Whitsunda. The victim was a young girl and a 60 year old woman who was in shallow water at the time of the incident..

The incident took place at approximately 10:30 pm (02:30 Moscow Time) at the local time. While celebrating the holiday on the beach, people saw that there was something wrong and helped the victims get out of the water. He called the rescue team and doctors.

The doctors who reached the spot determined that injuries to women were not a threat to their life. So, the girl suffered the loss of soft tissue on the leg, and the other victim’s feet had a slight reduction. Despite this, he was still taken to Hamilton Island Hospital and Prosperina Hospital..

According to portal 9News, Hamilton officials have temporarily stopped to see the beaches of the island. Rescue service checks Whitsunday water area for predators.

The site has written that another shark attack in September last year also happened on the coast of the American city of Anchinitas of the State of California. The hunter attacked a 13-year-old boy who was rescued by nearby fishermen. The teenager was injured in the upper body and was taken to the hospital.

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