The most fashionable diet in 2019: the specialist told what was his risk

The most fashionable diet in 2019: the specialist told what was his risk

Pegan diet is gaining popularity and can become the most fashionable in 2019. This type of food includes vegetable products and meat and dairy products are not included. However, experts recommend not to rush to follow fashion trends. In his opinion, such a diet can be dangerous and unhealthy for some people..

According to the National Society of Dietitians and a member of the Association of Clinical Nutrition of Venus Yaslovskaya, each diet has its signals and contraindications, and when choosing a specific diet, you can see the age, health, physical activity and many other factors Should be kept in mind..

Expert said that diet science is currently under development, special genetic defense tests are being developed which will help in choosing a diet for each specific person..

In the Pegan diet, vegetables, fruits and cereals are up to 75%, and 25% are given to animal proteins. – Meat and eggs A nutritionist believes that this is a high rate for protein, which can lead to cancer and obesity. In addition, the proposed diet includes some foods containing B vitamins and polyunsaturated acids that are essential for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, this diet is not suitable for type 2 diabetes and gout patients.

According to Yaslovski, in the winter, you need to use egg dishes while modifying. Practically all grains are suitable for all: one type of grain, porridge and other grains, as well as sweet apples.

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