Sobchak criticized the aspirations of Russian women. “It will be difficult to change something”

Sobchak criticized the aspirations of Russian women. "It will be difficult to change something"

TV presenter, former presidential candidate Kensia Sobchak accused Russian women of being independent and achieving their goals in life. After the civil forum of Alexei Kudrin, consider his page on the Instagram Songbak published, where he talked about, about feminism in Russia.

«It will be difficult to change some, unless the women themselves dream of marrying only the rich, their purpose in life is to start a family and not to see injustice in this fact that women are still in the position of leadership in our country. Are rare, and „Beats mean love“ Ideal», — Kensea Sobachak has written. TV presenter is confident that you need to initiate a change by yourself. «You can earn money yourself, make your life, live your life, do not have any other life, can break it and make it fresh, but the main thing is that BE Not by man, but by self», — Where are you.

However, most customers disagree with him. They believe that concept «femenizm» Have become very distorted in recent years. «This movement was not started for equality between sexes; But for the right to life, the right to safety, the right to health and the right to settle someone’s own body», — Natalya Nosova reminds. «With this [feminist-no.] You are bound to receive, and such a concept is in the form of female weaknesses, softness, absence of femininity, that is everything that is divided into two half by nature.… Women and men», — [email protected] is called. «You do not wear gravity and do not like it, just like others do not have to decide that they are weak I am a woman and I am not weak», — olgaradyushkina @ annart_shef declares. «If someone should be happy for the family, then let him be. If someone else requires careers and equality with men, please, please. Everyone can be happy in their own way.», — Intelligent Memo @ Annaspsis.

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