Scientists have announced the futility of sex for women

The myth about the special benefits of sex for men and women, the scientists have refused. Rascin, a University of England university expert, found that mature men and women’s body responds differently to the frequency of sex.

The study included 7 thousand people aged 50 to 89 years. They were asked to answer many questions to find out how useful it is to the continuous sex for the respondents. In this case, under the category "Frequently", Due to the age of the participants, it was understood more than two times in a month the presence of intimacy.

Consequently, it was discovered that men often rejoice in direct physical contact and are strong after this, whereas after sexual intercourse, women feel sad and depressed. However, if the petitions were used at the time of contact, and the moral satisfaction of women also increased, the enjoyment of having sex with women increased..

Earlier it was believed that continuous sex allows for the prevention of many diseases, including some types of cancers but have not found any evidence yet..

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