Repeated sex improves young girls – memory of scientists

Repeated sex improves young girls - memory of scientists

Repeated sex improves young girls - memory of scientistsScientists advised women to have sex in order to save memory

Regular vaginal sex improves the memory of young women. This conclusion has reached scientists who studied the sex life of young women aged 18-29, reports «Edition». According to the results, oral memory works very well for sexually active respondents..

The women participating in the study asked in detail about their intimate life and preferences on the bed. After that, they were shown a lot of pictures on the computer, and then the letter and neutral picture. It was found that after the first show, the sexually active participants in the experience made the pictures remembered very well..

According to experts, vaginal sex changes the brain’s hippocampus — In particular, new cells have started to grow there. It is that part of the brain that is responsible for oral memory. Curiously, sex improves not only short-term, but also in long-term memory. Apart from this, it not only applies to young people, but also notes business insiders for other age groups, especially for the elderly.

In the meantime, despite this and other useful properties of sex, they have recently been engaged in it. Some studies in the United States, in particular, talk about a ninefold (!) Reduction in sexual activity compared to 1989, and the tendency is very much related to education of gender, race and respondents. «RIA News». This is due to many factors, the main of which is — Increase in the number of single people.

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