My wife is bigger than me. I’m sick of condemning neighbors

My wife is bigger than me. I'm sick of condemning neighbors

I am a young boy, in my 26 years, I fully serve myself and live in a rented apartment. Not very fortunate with the girls in life: a huge request, second – just to be angry that third provocative behaves. For all my life I have not met that one, all my chosen ones have only one air in my head.

And now, after a few years, I met a girl Vika, she was calm and justified, she had something to talk about. True, Vika was 12 years older than me, but it did not interfere in our relationship. I used to love him for mutual understanding and support. Soon, the woman made a proposal, we got married, and a happy family life started. Here only the neighbors are constantly condemned: "Those little girls have already ended?" Or "Why do you need a second mom?". At almost every step, my neighbors kept me down and whispers behind my back, they say, this is such a young boy, but I could not find a normal girl..

I am very upset with the neighbors’ condemnation, because I do not get into their lives. Yes, they have a young attractive, and intelligent? The dinner will not be cooked, after the robots will not meet with a smile, just give me the money. And my Vika will always feed her deliciously and ask her about her work, she can also give advice. I can always trust him. There is no quarrel and scandal with my wife, she supports me, even helped me find better paying robots. I love her so much, and if the other girl was more beautiful and younger, then I would still pick Vica. But the condemnation of neighbors about the difference in age has just become intolerable. How to keep them?

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  1. What to do with the old? )))))))))) There is an episode. When an unmarried member of seven started and did not want to work because it was itchy. He decided in a skhodnyak that an elder brother’s wife would help solve the problem at a decent age. Voiced a deep thinking – I did not think so "She" It can still come in handy!)))) This course is in the midst of the vandalism of Mollodhka, it is tasty compared to the young flesh. It is not customary for our wives to eat, although they also do everything and even fry it.!


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