Many men are afraid of beautiful women. And this is a mental disorder

Many men are afraid of beautiful women. And this is a mental disorder

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What would be bad in the image of a repetitive beauty of a large scale culture? Even so, thousands of men experience actual physical pain in their society..

Conflicting Mental Disorders — venustrafobiya, Speaking in Russian, fear of beautiful women, largely disappoints our fellow citizens.

Where no guarantee has been sent?

At first glance, the formulation of such a problem seems ridiculous in itself: the beauties should attract the members of the opposite sex, instead of constant fear and mental pain, changing into a painful disorder, their positive feelings should be awakened. And yet look around: The most successful career is usually achieved with a fairly normal appearance by women. First, getting married is not a beauty queen. Yes, and on the dating sites with various offers, most sleep first for the fair sex. There is more chance than attracting beautiful women. By the way, this question is one of the most discussed on men’s sites. The answers are the same: «With softness», «Looking for such a lady», «Efforts to loot to sell their beauty», «Where is the guarantee that will not send?».

This is an excuse. In fact, some men turn to unpleasant stimuli in a painful disorder in the sight of beautiful women. Shyness involving a man with very beautiful or very aggressive, intelligent, intelligent and highly successful woman (etc.), — This is not a phobia, but rather a general reaction. An initial evaluation of the balance of power, and not The problem is that in some men the next reaction is uncommon. Do not translate into the desire to get acquainted with beauty, so that it can know that it is not so unattainable. Instead, the fear itself appears, is mixed with the insult of alleged failure. It gives birth to anger and pain. This is the way to develop winstrophobia..

The situation of the mind is characteristic of young men and teenagers. Though something, «Pulls» Them in adulthood.


It is interesting that with normal, ugly women in their beauty views and tastes, WenSustraFobs communicate normally. But ordinary women do not want any desire in patients. — Inaccessible, they suffer only, they only suffer.

That is why venustrafobi should be treated, experts say. Living with constant fear and self-doubt, a person can never be successful and somehow adjust their personal life. Often, patients with this type of phobia are alone until the end of their days.

According to doctors, the main goal of medicine — Ventophoboe push to independently overcome your fear. Medicines are prescribed only in extreme cases. First of all, it is necessary that the patient understands: female beauty — The event is external and transient. People, in general, are similar. And the presence is not the most important thing. The victim of Venustrafobi men advised to communicate as much as possible with beautiful women in their thoughts. Only in such a way that you can feel that there is nothing terrible in the beautiful people, they are not only different from the people around them but can also lose something for them. After all, external beauty is very complete emptiness, or even an abomination, that you will not dream in a nightmare..

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