How to Find Real Muscovite

How to Find Real Muscovite

How to Find Real Muscovite

How to Find Real Muscovite

You can hear it: Ah, Parisians, ah, Parisians! Well Paris. In fact, this Muscovite – An incident as well. The less and less of them, they are going to cool Europe, they are crowded by strong provincial people, but they are still alive, just invisible..

This Muscovite never hurts. Even if he’s too late, he will not go anywhere, he is gone. The myth of the stirred Moscow creates only visitors, and they run. Remember from Sofia “Wow”, Is she taking somewhere? No! She does not see at all. But her boyfriend, Moclín, who is a gripe boy in the province, is very fussy, everything is close to those in the list “Forbes”. If a girl walks slowly around Ostozhenka, then she wanders thinking – Most likely that he is a Muscovite. Poetess bella hackmadillina – There was absolutely Mascovite here. Always walking slowly and being a little absent.

And a real exhilaration speech, leisurely, is a tone of voice, on which they like to make a lot of fun in the south of Russia: “Lord, what are you doing?” A Muscovite does not mow, she lives and says. For example, the speech of Renata Litvinova is very Moscow, especially when it is “The image”. The remains of this speech of Sting are still kept by the actresses of Mali Theater who know well what is “Moscow pronunciation”, And this is a complete phonetic system, by the way. Most clever provincial girls even come to study the Moscow speech for elderly actresses and to pay for it. And the real Muscovite speaks quietly. He does not need to draw attention to himself, he is already very pleased with himself. And if allowed in the restaurant only “Verbosity”, Even then its just heard, every word Kremlin is like ruby.

It is extremely stingy and elegant in Muscovite gestures and movements. Waving your arms, waving their hips and spinning – it’s not about that.

I am familiar with a girl from a very famous Moscow family. They know the generation of Muscovites God. All men are big, noisy, talkative. Capital men, as a rule, fanfare This friend of mine on violent relatives secretly teases. And he himself – Like cute full-meat – not in the bouquet of the peons. Minor, cool, ironic very slow. With excellent taste. Yes, Muscovite. Context.

This Masscoit will never wear fancy dresses. Huge heels, chest wide open, plush skirt – It is wild “moveton”, this is “Boo”. Unless a Mascouet is going to a theme party. “Dashing the 90s”. He does not need to win anybody, he does not fight with anyone, he is in his city. The girl and the famous family could wear very expensive and bright clothes, the family is rich, but – someone. But wear great-grandfather earrings. Minor Blonde Earrings But – Great grandmother, too muscovite.

There is a woman, now her brand owner and gossip’s heroine, so here she came from a distant city once – What Hides Now With Attention – And just tried to duplicate in the clothes of his fellow students, Muscovites. And I got the optimum formula. Strict, say, a dress, but some kind of joke: a big (and expensive!) Brooch, a funny bag, bright yellow boots. No, not all together, but one thing. Wow, this is very Moscow. When this woman is interviewed, she is put in the middle while dragging the vowels: «As a Muscovite, I can say…». He struggled for this situation for many years, worked on himself. Now wears like a precious brooch.

And, finally, a real Muscovite will never be made as if he is currently shooting for a magazine. “The beauty of our area”. Restraint and more restraint Yes, the face of true bliss is yellow, so what? It has its own charm. The Goddess of my puberty, the Goddess of Moscow, knows that in what generation, which comes from patriarchy, she was not pictured at all. All right, just lower my eyes down And I, dip, it was all itching: “Okay, you make your lips, okay, let’s make some brighter somehow, but?” And once she made for a date. To show how terrible it is. Blush, lipstick, all things I got lost, he laughed. But the terror continued. We went to the exhibition, he decided to live in such wild form. And in the exhibition I met the teacher of my institute, a very intelligent woman. We greeted, I introduced a girlfriend. The woman nodded her loudly and only indicated her amazement with the light of her eyebrows. “Evening painting” on face. A friend caught this movement. And as soon as the woman and I sailed in different directions, a friend ran to the toilet: stop everything! And I have never arranged experiments again. Muscovite, what do you say? It smiles.

They are small, but they are still alive, just invisible. They see with sadness because the city is full of new wild tribes. How does Moscow speak? But real mascot will never say «Have come!», She knows that her city has always been adorned with honey, that she is quite rubber. He has been living for a long time. Moscow does not believe in tears, but everyone escapes here. When a Mouscovit becomes very depressed, he will stroll through the cemetery of Donskoy monastery, his ancestors, grandparents and grandfather will lie there, he will talk to them..

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