“Frank scared”: Humiliated Baranovskaya got a new blow

"Frank scared": Humiliated Baranovskaya got a new blow

The blogger Lena Miro became acquainted with the book of Yulia Baranovskaya, in which she talked about hard life with the famous football player Andrei Arshwin. The acute language Miro called Baranovskaya scary and expressed the belief that she was not proud.

Lina Miro shared her opinion with readers of social network page "LiveJournal". "Let’s be honest: Julia Baranovskaya – With the whole parade – Frank got nervous. This is our version of Jessica Parker: Ugly women love her, men do not want to. I do not know a single man who wants to fly Parker. Nobody wants Baronesskaya", – Said Lina Miro.

However, blogger mentioned that Julia is not trying to be a sex symbol. "Baranovskaya very clearly, a very specific category of women in a very purposeful way: whoever is not proud. Women without pride know and understand Julia. He himself by his number In his book, Baranovskaya explains how he humiliated him, beaten him, and even rape Arshwin once in the car.", – Reported to Miros.

To prove his words, Lina gave many quotes. Finally, he concludes: "Arshwin betrayed her, beaten her, ***** without consent, and Julia continued to live with her and bear children for her. Chipside did not bother to marry her – Despite the fact that they have three joint children There should be a woman in my head for such membership?!" – Asked a questionable question Leena Miro.

in his opinion, Julia Baranovskaya There is a clear setting that man – Female happiness basis. "On average russian woman – High expectations for a man and a small pride that always ends badly. A man is missing, a human face is lost, and a woman is suffering, she is losing herself.", – Researcher creativity says Baranovskoy.

Blogger is sure that you should immediately move away from the person who hurts the woman.. "For years with scum, do not sit like Baranovsky. In the relationships you cry with pain and resentment, not to survive. It does not matter that you lived together and were acquired together. go", – Is called lena miro.

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