Fold Kandelki candidly called himself Jirobas

Fold Kandelki candidly called himself Jirobas

Tina Kandelaki called herself the highest ziroba. The popular pioneers are convinced that we need to pull ourselves together and start fighting courageously..

Tina Kandalaki A gorgeous shape boasts. However, it does not hide that the ideal weight in the gym is actually killed. Even so, in the New Year holidays, obviously, the iron lady still gave herself relief. However, now he wants to fight bravely with his arms..

This business woman has announced on her official page on Social Network Instagram. Tina Kandelki published a picture of her as a game.. "Dear and respected Jirobasi! I appeal to you as the ultimate girobus. We are all very diligent, but it is necessary to return to the game routine. It is necessary, because otherwise we have only two options: either throw the mirror out and forget about it forever, or leave it, but spend time with it, face, neck and other folds of our body Peering at places", – Kondelaki said with conviction.

By announcing his call, Tina kept herself in a very narrow frame. Business woman is confident that you should get rid of additional folds by spring. "Need to remove folds, so we start preparing for the spring season. Girobase, forward!" – TV host has completed its position.

Interestingly, many customers expressed opinions: Tai Kandelaki You can not lose weight Say, she looks great. "Beauty! Keep it!", "Tina, look Shikardos (hereafter, the spellings and punctuation of the authors are preserved). – Around. Ed.)", "I recommend the third option– Love the routine, leave the mirror and praise your reflection", " Tina – You are a worker!" – Fans admire.

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