Fans talk about Sasha Sewalva’s figures

Fans talk about Sasha Sewalva's figures

Fans talk about Sasha Sewalva's figuresPhoto: Social Network

Fans talk about Sasha Sewalva's figures

Photo: Social Network

Fans of Sasha Sélleva continue to discuss the singer’s changed figures. When news came in the media last week that the singer was waiting for her first child, fans started publicly keeping an eye on her performance..

On the second day, Savelieva visited the presentation of the ZHOSTOVO collection by fashion designer Sergei Siecev. The actress came to the program in a concert dress with a high waist, which highlighted the changes in her figure..

Fans noticed that in this suit, Sevilla has performed belly on a large scale. Is it related to dietary relief or pregnancy? — Unknown However, fans, of course, are convinced that Sasha is actually waiting for the firstborn.

In his personal microblog, Sasha does not post pictures, in which his stomach is not noticeable, which makes web users much easier. And in July of this year, Savelieva indicated that her cherished dream of becoming a mother could be completed soon. In response to the question of fans about the birth plan of a child, the singer said: «Thank you for worrying about Cyril and me. Your prayers will bring this event closer.!»

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