Fold Kandelki candidly called himself Jirobas

Tina Kandelaki called herself the highest ziroba. The popular pioneers are convinced that we need to pull ourselves together and start fighting courageously.. Tina Kandalaki A gorgeous shape boasts. However, it does not hide that the ideal weight in the gym is actually killed. Even so, in the New Year holidays, obviously, the iron lady still gave herself relief. However, now he wants to fight bravely with his arms.. This

Long Knitted Dresses and White Sneakers: Gwyneth Paltrow in New York

Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow created a new cookbook. Therefore, Gop brand actress and founder is now very busy with promotional activities, which are about the launch. One day before, when she came on a television show, Paparazzi again caught her for another shoot. For such a busy schedule, Paltrow chose more than suitable shoes. — White sneakers, which he donated with a long knitted dress in color block style, and a

Lera Kudryavtseva enjoyed luxury hotels in Oman, where she is resting

Lera Kudryvatsva (Photo: Shot from the show "Stars come along") A few days ago, on a social network Instagram, a well-known TV presenter, Larra Kudiyatsva said that she was incredibly happy that there were direct flights from Russia to Oman such as Oman for an unknown country. He said that the new tourist destination will be wildly interesting for everyone. Kundrivatsewa himself boarded an airplane and personally flew from Oman

A shark attacked two women on the coast of Australia

Photo: On Thursday, January 10, a shark attacked two women bathing on the coast of the Australian island of Hamilton. According to the latest information, a young girl and a 60-year-old woman were injured.. Both women were in shallow water when a shark suddenly reached them. Other people resting on the beach saw that there was something wrong, ran away to the spot and helped the victims get shelter.

Calendar: January 10 - Napoleon divorced Josephine, who placed him on the throne

This day the wedding of Napoleon and Josephine was canceled in 1810.. Josephine de Behrenas, a widow and heterosexual aristocrat with two children, was a bright beauty and a doubtful woman. Although in reference to beauty, some historians claim — Josephine was away from the creme brulee. Nevertheless, he was able to become a key figure in Parisian social life, which was the mistress of politician Viscount de Barras.. Seeing

On the coast of Australia, two women were attacked by a shark.

In the northeast of Australia, a shark attacked two women swimming in shallow water.. The incident took place on the shores of Hamilton Island in Whitsunday in shallow waters. Shark attacked a young girl and a 60-year-old woman when they were swimming, and near the shore. On time to help women, they arrived in Wakensor, who brought the victims out of the water and called the rescue team. The injured

How to be thin: the secret of women who do not diet

Nutritionists do not tire to repeat that diet does not work. And all because it is a temporary measure, on which you lose weight. A healthy diet is part of lifestyle and gives the desired results.. Proper nutrition When proper nutrition becomes part of your lifestyle, you will have a dream figure. It is not so difficult to do this, it is enough to follow some suggestions.. Protein in priority

Pre-Elegance Elegance: 35+ Stylish Manicure Ideas and No Frills in Bright Colors

The main wanted to be brilliant, bright and unforgettable during New Year’s celebrations. But the main holidays are over, and the chic manicure is built with the hope of a party, has already been fed, and these days have lost their true form. It’s time to turn it into cool, elegant, but not less stylish. Selection — Is too big! The main wanted to be brilliant, bright and unforgettable during

Why is Kate Middleton the symbol of style?

Democracy Photo: Instagram @ kensingtonroyal After marrying Rajkumar, Kate did not exclude everyone and did not reduce her husband’s money (and royal treasures) for a low outfit. In the closet, Alexander McQueen, Roland Morate and Emilia Wickstead have a peaceful co-existence with many more democracies, Gap, Banana Republic, Reese in the outfits. Needless to say, as soon as Kate appears in a mass-market dress, it will be sold immediately.. Photo:

The Golden Globe The Most Beautiful Star Couple

76th awards ceremony at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood «Golden Globe». The stars appeared in an elegant dress on the red carpet. There were not so many stars in this year’s ceremony, but their images were very great.. Winner in nomination «Best Dramatic Film Actor» Rami Malek came into the program without his beloved Lucy Boyton, Timothy Shawl also appeared in the award without Lilly-Rose Depp. But Irina Sheikh and