Spy Shots

Fashionable thieves in the medical mask took the clothes of Petersburg clothes

Photo: Globallookpress.com/ Giuseppe Graziano Police officers are searching for criminals who attacked the representative of the online store and stole his bag with clothes. About 78.ru said that a law enforcement source.. A sales representative contacted the Viiborg district police, who said that on the afternoon of January 9, near Main Building no. 102/2 on Torrez Avenue, two criminals in a medical mask broke their face with an aerosol can

Which water is better for washing your face

Your face washed girl. Many women are convinced that it is harmful to wash water with tap, it is better to use bottled water with ice cubes, mineral water or gases.. It is believed to tone the skin, makes it beautiful and young. Is it really that, dermatologist, cosmetologist Olena Kovatenova points out. Ionized water You can get this water only with a special tool. — Ionizer, which is not

Black circles under the eyes: Not all circles are formed in the same way!

Both dark circles and sagging skin are related to environmental factors and genetics, both of which can be influenced by the choice that you make every day. At one time or another, most people face dark circles under their eyes. If you are very tired, old or suffering from allergies, then you can see dark circles in the mirror. Even so, although they are not dangerous for health, they psychologically

What to wear with shorts: stylish bow for any occasion

According to many girls, shorts — One of the most comfortable and often available items of clothing They insist on openness of man at the expense of their diversity. Each model can completely change one person, if you choose the right shoes, accessories and other accessories. Therefore, it is important to understand that wearing shorts, going to a cool party, working in the gym or in the office.. Shorts under

Experts called the main secrets of eternal youth

In relation to the desire of humankind to keep beauty, youth and health as long as possible, scientists have found many ways to achieve the goal. To get the best results, begin following the five rules you need as soon as possible.. Doctors recommend regular exercise on every occasion, which will support the health of the body and youth. Experts say that people who are overweight look older than their

Kate celebrates 37 years in the Midlothian family circle

Kate Middleton According to The Sun newspaper report, on January 9, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate celebrated its 37th birthday. He was born on this day in 1982 in Reading. According to official information, Middleton celebrates family vacation with Prince William. Meanwhile, Duchess was congratulated at the official account of Kensington Palace on Instagram by publishing his photograph taken last year during his visit to Cyprus.. «Thanks to all of

Winter External Clothing 2019: Main Trends

Jacket down What’s important inside Show: Leonard Paris, Emilio Pucci The main requirements for down jackets are similar to sportswear: it should be light and warm. And it depends largely on insulation. The bottom jacket with a good artificial filler will be hot outside and will not be hot in the room or metro. Such properties can guarantee tinullet. If the flow of old big birds is used as a

6 Japanese rules for dense hair

Have you noticed that resident of the land of the rising sun is silk-laden hair? And here the point is not in another structure of curl, but rather in a special care. In this case, they have a case of cushion on a pillow.. AdMe.are you Learned and now shares with you how to care for your hair so that it looks bright like a wise Japanese. Rule # 1.

A homeless man came in a cafe and asked for "suspended" coffee ...

The story was told by a person who wanted to remain anonymous, and Dellinova wrote it.. European countries not only attract their quality of life, rich history and all kinds of attractions. It is also striking how much they respect and sympathize with the poor.. And it was made possible for all the European mentality’s specialties. A person is considered to be a full member of the society, even if