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A shark attacked two women on the coast of Australia

A shark attacked two women near the coast of one of the Australian islands. According to news agency 9News, a hunter attacked a young girl and a 60-year-old woman near Hamilton Island. According to the known information, this incident happened at the beginning of the day when women decided to swim near the coast, where a shark attacked them. Women were helped by the people who rested nearby. He called

When one can do it, and another can not

Madrid is prohibited for men in buses, as women buy cigarettes in Turkmenistan and on the streets of Ireland, why it is deserted on February 29? Saudi Arabia: Walking Cats and Dogs Walking four-footed pet — An excellent reason for making a transitory acquaintance with a woman. As a result, they violate the norms of Islam. Therefore, the country is considered as a religious police and, of course, after deciding

Collection "Zamsh and Openwork", next change

This is a very old suit, which was born in the early 2000s. Finally repair under the skirt. Some time ago, prepare a kit for publication in the journal "Adulteration", Under the skirt, the suede leather was ruined on the edge, after washing without waiting for the skin to dry completely, she started submitting it to the WTO (then the skirt was long on the floor with a wide plateau

A shark attacked two women in Australia

According to portal 9News, a shark happened in shallow water near the Hamilton island of Incident Whitney.. Became a victim of a woman and a pensioner predator. Thanks to the help of others, the rest woman was able to get shelter. It is noted that both the victims were admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, injuries are not life threatening.. Witnesses also called the rescue team At the moment, beaches in

"Elastic ass was not fit": Playboy model tried on erotic costume

Playboy Star Maria Limon shared a very erotic picture – she showed that she does not fit in a costume. "Delicious" Photo hit fans. Star Playboy dressed in a red dress, but it was not completely fit – the model boasted elastic buttocks. Subscribers have decided that the possibility of Maria is just flirting – the post has more than 21 thousand likes.. – You are just beautiful! – Do

20 best short haircuts for all ages 2019

Every woman thinks of changing her haircut to a small one at least once in her life. For those who have yet decided but can not choose, I suggest this article. In this you will get ideas of haircut, as well as style and variety of image. 1. Pixie Haircut: Options. Pixie with bangs. This haircut is perfect for those girls who want to draw attention to the

Photo: On the Web, they consider this woman a woman with whom the world's richest man is divorced.

On Eve, it was known that Jeff Bezos, chief of Amazon, who is called the richest man on the planet, is divorcing his wife Mackenzie, with whom he had married in 1993. They have three sons and one adoptive daughter from China.. Jeff Bezos, estimated at $ 150 billion "Twitter" Said that he and his wife had long duration "Carefully research and test try to live differently", As a result,

Starting numbers on women's sprint in Oberhoff

sport. Ru / biathlon. The Press Service of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) announced the initial numbers for women’s sprint, which will be held on January 10 in the fourth phase of the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof (Germany).. Valeria Vasantosova will be the first number of Russians to start. The 21st starts with Evgenia Pavlova, Irina Streikh gets the 33rd position, and Margarita Vasiliva — 61 minutes Ekaterina Urlova-Perkt

Rosa Soyobitova told why she does not change her hairstyle for shooting "Let's get married!"

Rosa Syabitova Photo: syabitova_roza / Will be broadcast for ten years now «Let’s get married!». Larisa Guziza leads the show, while astrologer Vasilisa Volodina and his matchmaker Rosa Siaabatova help him. The latter did not complete the construction of a mansion in Moscow area long ago and did the repair of the design. Also, a woman holds her blog and shares various secrets, advises her fans. Network users are