Fashion and beauty

Myths about manicure

People who want to improve the health of their nails often face a section of conflicting information on the internet. Oddly enough, the more time and attention is given on this issue, the more confusing it is to be confused. It is difficult to describe all those rumors that are roaming in the area of ​​beauty today.… Someone assures that without expensive salon procedures, a woman will definitely get old

Alexander Gradsky told how he won the heart of a young girlfriend

Photo: Famous Russian musician Alexander Gradsky explained how he won the heart of his wife, Marina, who presented him with two sons. Female artist under 36 years of age. 69-year-old Gradsky admitted that he saw Marina on the road when he was driving. The girl saw her at first sight, because according to him, she had a heavenly beauty, report. Alexander went to the marina and said that

Snow dunes

On that day I had to travel to Moscow in two diagonals. And if the metro was hot and pleasant, it requires a certain bravery and patience to walk through the barbed snow and scorched wind. At the end of the day, I was left without feet, with a fever in the body, with a fever, and the desire to go somewhere completely gone.. I needed a warm house Although

"You and Without Panties": Buzova went to Linen's Diner

Olga Buzova "nude" The dress decided to spend the evening in the Maldives – she went to dinner after wearing a costume, under which there is no underwear. It is translucent and open on hips. Laugh at the erotic picture of Buzova: Signature: – When lazy to dress for dinner . Remember Olga Boozova flew on the holiday of the Maldives with her sister. Perhaps a star intends to celebrate

Fitness fitness leads to depression and health loss

Zero Estradiol, Emmanoria, complete lack of libido, frequent depression, decrease in emotional background, intellect and desire to live normally — This is the price paid by some girls for the body of their dreams. And the percentage of fat is low, the more visible the cubes and rounder shoulders, the greater the effort and harm to their health and mood. Cry strong and beautiful soul This is a beautiful and

We sew a winter skirt 27 Best Styles of Season

Winter should be heated, however, this does not mean that you can not wear a woman and a beautiful skirt! You just need to choose winter style, untouched skirts, which will not only look beautiful, but also warm in the cold season. We offer to watch 27 best genres of the season and keep something for yourself: 1 Tragedy with Kikorov’s children – Tragic news from Greece Philip Kirkorov immediately

Britain urges women to grow body hair

He created a related group on Instagram, for which approximately seven thousand users have already subscribed. Laura wrote that she stopped shaving her hair back in May, and she really liked it. In his opinion, refusing to shave hair will help women to accept themselves as if they were. After all, they can be sexy with them both and without. Laura also offered to support the social program. Dead body

Three years ago, my friend got married for the fourth time. life story

Three years ago, my friend got married for the fourth time. life story. Her new husband – Successful Russian Trader She lives in nineteenth-century villa in Tuscany in Italy. Think what all this is? No. There are wonderful relationships with all the previous husbands First husband – Diplomat Second — doctor. The third – Policies And Lena Self – Think of an artist, what is all this? No. His eldest

Pro colors and styles

Anonymous (5) In winter, I have a lack of color. And I’m happy to choose a bright solution for myself and see juicy color solutions on others.. What else do you want By practicing color variation, it is easy for you to decide and try new combinations on your own. Inspiration Pictures Under Cut! Ta-dam meanwhile, I open 6th course tide sales «Style point»�� Already in the second lesson you