In all holidays, a woman's body lives in an apartment in the center of Moscow

In Moscow, a probe team is investigating the circumstances of a woman’s death, whose body was found in Basmani district of the capital. Reported by the Urban News Agency. «Moscow» In the context of a law enforcement source. The body was found on the morning of January 8th. It is noted that no symptoms of violent death were found on this. At the time of finding, the woman was dead

Today you go to Pace, and tomorrow you will be a professional ...

Hurray us the permission in motion! The Federation Council and the State Duma finally received a long-awaited invitation to create a fully-expected delegation, which was signed by General Secretary Wojciech Sawiki! In the six sex categories, a slight recommendation for invitation to indicate the gender of the representatives is attached.! Only six, Carl, who is similar to a crushing victory! Throughout Europe, Europe began to recognize the Orthodox Orthodox Russian

16 "hard" pictures showing Chelyabinsk's true "charm"

17 pictures showing Chelyabinsk’s true shame Funny and original Chelyabinsk in pictures. Chelyabinsk established the concept firmly «Rigid». This attitude of the city is not the final role, some years ago there was a comedy program on the screen. However, if you look closely at the everyday life of citizens, it seems — Generally humorous, and no joke. In today’s photo sample, you can really appreciate the truth «Attraction» Chelyabinsk.

Two shark women on the coast of Australia

Shark attacked two women on the coast of Australia A shark attack on the swimmers was recorded on 10 January Thursday from the coast of Australian Island Hamilton in Whitsunda. The victim was a young girl and a 60 year old woman who was in shallow water at the time of the incident.. The incident took place at approximately 10:30 pm (02:30 Moscow Time) at the local time. While celebrating

Abnormally inherited things

How good it would be to inherit something! Most of us know well that some day we will get some property from our relatives, whether it is home, apartment or other valuables. It can not be called full-hearted consolation, because the loss of loved ones and loved ones is never easy, but in the end, there is at least some benefit in the heritage of mourning children. However, this is

Young beautiful girl spent a vacation in one of the South American countries ...

Humor A man sits in the night and quietly watches porn sites, thinks his wife is sleeping. Well, sitting and scrolling pictures. And the wife of needy woke up, and gradually followed her — Is looking. Suddenly a man listens: — Let’s go… scroll up… one more… more… Is here! Want these curtains in the kitchen! Have two friends Another: — I have not been in the South for so

Let there be a color: a purple sweater changed the everyday image of Natalie Portman

In everyday life, Natalie Portman is away from the image of a glamorous diva. She likes comfortable clothing that does not attract the attention of annoying paparazzi, who are hiding in Los Angeles at every turn. However, yesterday he failed to remove anyone’s attention. The reason is that the hypnotist sweater he wore with a blue jeans and a wide belt dior bag. This is called the power of color

The bride gave a toy for a million rubles to Timati

Timati and Anastasia Rachettova Rhethevova and Nimita happy together The novel of the famous Russian rapper Timati and his bride 22 year old model Anastasia Rashtov is still evolving. The star couple did not have time to return to Paris, according to the rumors, the composer offered his passion, because Rhethevova decided to give Tramti a pleasant surprise. He gave a groom a giant wood bear. The rapper immediately delivered

Fashion cap for more than 50 girls: hot, beautiful, young

What kind of hat should wear in the winter to look stylish? I prepared a list of interesting hats, hats and snoods for women of 45 years. Selection included only the most fashionable, winter 2018-2019 models in the selection. Each of them can be combined with different types of images and external fabrics variations.. 1. KP A hat made of thick wool or bright colored leather can color any

Women's Haircuts: Any kind of hair, example, modern haircut of photo

Modern stylists use many types of female haircuts in their work. They choose the desired option for future hairstyles, depending on the female type. After all, the right haircut can solve many questions: to determine the style, image and image of a woman.. Beautiful stylish haircut can adjust the facial ratio, hide imperfections and emphasize the benefits. So, what are the types and types of women’s haircut. Haircut with torn