In all holidays, a woman's body lives in an apartment in the center of Moscow

In Moscow, a probe team is investigating the circumstances of a woman’s death, whose body was found in Basmani district of the capital. Reported by the Urban News Agency. «Moscow» In the context of a law enforcement source. The body was found on the morning of January 8th. It is noted that no symptoms of violent death were found on this. At the time of finding, the woman was dead

A shark attacked two women on the coast of Australia

A shark attacked two women near the coast of one of the Australian islands. According to news agency 9News, a hunter attacked a young girl and a 60-year-old woman near Hamilton Island. According to the known information, this incident happened at the beginning of the day when women decided to swim near the coast, where a shark attacked them. Women were helped by the people who rested nearby. He called

Fashionable thieves in the medical mask took the clothes of Petersburg clothes

Photo: Globallookpress.com/ Giuseppe Graziano Police officers are searching for criminals who attacked the representative of the online store and stole his bag with clothes. About 78.ru said that a law enforcement source.. A sales representative contacted the Viiborg district police, who said that on the afternoon of January 9, near Main Building no. 102/2 on Torrez Avenue, two criminals in a medical mask broke their face with an aerosol can

Which water is better for washing your face

Your face washed girl. Many women are convinced that it is harmful to wash water with tap, it is better to use bottled water with ice cubes, mineral water or gases.. It is believed to tone the skin, makes it beautiful and young. Is it really that, dermatologist, cosmetologist Olena Kovatenova points out. Ionized water You can get this water only with a special tool. — Ionizer, which is not

Myths about manicure

People who want to improve the health of their nails often face a section of conflicting information on the internet. Oddly enough, the more time and attention is given on this issue, the more confusing it is to be confused. It is difficult to describe all those rumors that are roaming in the area of ​​beauty today.… Someone assures that without expensive salon procedures, a woman will definitely get old

Alexander Gradsky told how he won the heart of a young girlfriend

Photo: Globallookpress.com Famous Russian musician Alexander Gradsky explained how he won the heart of his wife, Marina, who presented him with two sons. Female artist under 36 years of age. 69-year-old Gradsky admitted that he saw Marina on the road when he was driving. The girl saw her at first sight, because according to him, she had a heavenly beauty, teleprogramma.pro report. Alexander went to the marina and said that

Today you go to Pace, and tomorrow you will be a professional ...

Hurray us the permission in motion! The Federation Council and the State Duma finally received a long-awaited invitation to create a fully-expected delegation, which was signed by General Secretary Wojciech Sawiki! In the six sex categories, a slight recommendation for invitation to indicate the gender of the representatives is attached.! Only six, Carl, who is similar to a crushing victory! Throughout Europe, Europe began to recognize the Orthodox Orthodox Russian

When one can do it, and another can not

Madrid is prohibited for men in buses, as women buy cigarettes in Turkmenistan and on the streets of Ireland, why it is deserted on February 29? Saudi Arabia: Walking Cats and Dogs Walking four-footed pet — An excellent reason for making a transitory acquaintance with a woman. As a result, they violate the norms of Islam. Therefore, the country is considered as a religious police and, of course, after deciding

Black circles under the eyes: Not all circles are formed in the same way!

Both dark circles and sagging skin are related to environmental factors and genetics, both of which can be influenced by the choice that you make every day. At one time or another, most people face dark circles under their eyes. If you are very tired, old or suffering from allergies, then you can see dark circles in the mirror. Even so, although they are not dangerous for health, they psychologically