Ashley Graham was photographed naked after a sauna

Ashley Graham was photographed naked after a sauna

Ashley Planham

Ashley Planham — The most popular American shape model «plus sized» Once again indifferent to selfie. 31-year-old Rasila Sundari made a photo after being completely naked after the departure of the sauna. In the picture, he covers bust with his hand. Other naughty parts of Ashley’s body do not collide with the camera lens.

Graham has earned its global popularity for a long time and, of course, PR is not required. The model decided not to show itself naked for HYIP, but to inspire other women to get amazing figures. From their example Ashley gives them confidence. And, of course, the picture has become very popular on social networks. Apart from this, not only among women who dream of being like the top model, but also in men who like women with enticing versions.

By the way, Ashley now appears slim than the time when she was making her first move in the show business. Graham’s fans doubted that the model deliberately reduced their weight, they say, «Broke» Under the pressure of modern customs and wanted to be diluted like Kendall Jenner or Helly Baldwin.

However, the zoster model claims that it does not follow any strict diet and does not set a goal of losing pounds. Obviously, the weight jump occurred for random reasons..

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