59-year-old Larisa Verbitika showed how she looks without makeup

59-year-old Larisa Verbitika showed how she looks without makeup

The TV presenter posted on the pages of the microblog photo, which was captured without make-up

59-year-old Larisa Verbitika showed how she looks without makeupLarissa Verbitkaya showed natural beauty

November 30, one of the most talented TV presenters of domestic television — Larisa Verbitkaya — Celebrated its 59th birthday. Despite his age, he continues to please many of his fans with youth and beauty. Verbesseka easily enrages many publishers in microblogging photos in short shorts or bathing suits and refuses make-up if the shoot is not there. This and a recent photo where the TV presenter is imprisoned without a make-up trip.

«My normal condition — This is a busy schedule and trouble. But it is always important to surround me! I just need to focus on good faith and beauty. And not to contemplate it, but to be attributed to it as a spiritual creature.», — Verbscaya told his customers, and received encouraging feedback and a lot of praise on the subject of feedback..

By the way, Verbiktakaya told many interviews that she does not do anything special to be young and attractive. Those who want to stay in shape for as long as possible, Larissa recommends eating right, get enough sleep, do not get nervous, go around, do not ignore home care, and from time to time go to beauty salon. For make-up, in recent years, the star of television likes light textures and neutral colors to look natural. However, sometimes, when the situation requires it, Verbitkaya can afford the bright lipstick..

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